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What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are all natural scents, unlike fragrances which are manmade chemical based scents, found in a lot of skin care products. 

Essentail oils have been around for thousands of years, offering all types of benefits, from dietary benefits too spiritual and cosmetic benefits. They can be found in the bark, seeds, leaves and flowers of plants, they are what give each individual plant their distinctive smell.

Essential oils are extracted through, cold pressing, steam distillation, and resin tapping. They are usually much stronger than their botanical nature.

How do I use your Salt Scrub?

Our salt scrub is best used in the shower, first wet skin with warm to hot water. Let the warm water run for 5 to 10 minutes allowing your skin to soften, preparing it for exfoliation. Apply salt scrub in circular motion and rinse off. Pat skin dry after shower, if additional moisturizing is desired, use our all natural lotion. The John & Co salt scrub is a non-oily scrub that washes off easy, not leaving your skin oily like most scrubs.

What makes John & Co. skin care products unique?

We are an all natural brand, the ingredients we use are all natural, none of them are chemical based. We also us a safe preservative in our products (Germaden Plus), a preservative is needed to keep out all those unwanted organisms. We also scent all of our products with pure essential oils, no artificial fragrances. 

All Natural products are a huge big deal to a lot of people and we are proud to have come up with a formula that meets that demand.

Who Develops John & Co. Products?

We do, we do not outsource any of our products, our team, handcrafts all products in small batches to insure freshness before shipping.

What do you charge for shipping?

 We have a flat rate of only $4.95 for purchases under $20 and free shipping for purchases over $35.

I have never tried your products?

We are confident you will be completely happy with a purchase of John & Co. all natural skin care products, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We encourage your questions.

How do I use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is fairly new to our network, there are some requirements to use it. In the very near future it will become much more user friendly.

Customers must be logged in to their iCloud account on the computer
The iCloud account they log into must be the same as the account their iPhone is logged into
 They must be using Safari and ensure they are on MacOS Sierra
 They must have a valid credit card in their Wallet
Their iPhone and computer must have Bluetooth enabled
They must have their iPhone within Bluetooth range

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