About Us

John & Co. is a trendsetting online Store, offering first-rate skin care products and exceptional customer service to our followers. Our strong passion for all natural products, led us to develop a brand that stands out on its own.  We are confident that you will be completely satisfied.

"Give Your Skin a Giggle"

There is nothing like John & Co.       


John & Co. was sprouted obviously by a guy name John. Ever since he was a little kid, John has always had his hand in some type of business venture, from selling golf balls found in the bushes at golf courses to unsuspecting golfers, too window washing on the coast of California. Out of long hours, hard work, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, John & Co. was born. We felt a need for high quality, fine body care products, without all the artificial and unnatural fragrances, colors and ingredients. John & Co. only uses the finest of the finest ingredients. We use pure natural essential oils, butters and oils in all of our products. The result, is a pure, simple, all natural product that will make your skin feeling happy and simply Giggle.